Virtual IEP Program Q & A

Can only one person be working on one student file at a time in VIP?
Short answer-yes.  The world of special education eligibility determination and service delivery is changing.  Our role during the steps in the process is evolving and we must focus our efforts on student oriented activities.  The “who”, “when”, and “how” we get data into VIP will emerge as well.  

Can related services be added to the VIP handbook developed for teachers?
Related Service and Instructional program portions will be added to the VIP teacher resource handout.  WOVSED staff are developing a help guide.

Do we use the new behavior intervention plan forms in VIP?

What is the status on our forms?
The status of the forms is to use them as they appear in the program.  New changes and bells and whistles will appear as Linda from CRT works on our computer program.

Where should you record information when the present levels boxes are full?
If you don’t have enough room to type in necessary information, then use the additional information pages to document that additional information.  There is a new section at the top of the additional information page called form reference.  Place the date of the IEP meeting and correct IEP page title inside the box.

Will the order of the domains on the EDC change?

Will the information be able to be transferred from the INA to the EDC?
The information on the INA will eventually transfer to the EDC when the bells and whistles return. 

Will there be a button to link different pages of the IEP to the additional page?

Will there be a way to type in classes instead of using pull-downs on the educational services and placement page?
At this point the pull-downs will remain in the service and placement page for the classes.  Use the three bottom boxes to type specifics.

Could the History of Consultation be a full page?
If you need more space for the history of consultation, then use the additional information pages.

Could the participants on the conference summary page be rearranged?
The participants that are not used as much are moved toward the bottom of the page.

Does anyone have difficulty with the information disappearing in the EDC documentation?
Only when more information is entered than the field will hold.  Be concise.

Can a field be added to the INA form to list INA participants?
Yes.  It won’t print but you can look at it on computer.

Can there be additional space in the motor box?
If there is not enough space in the “Motor” field for OT/PT, then move to the additional page for more space.

How do we handle VIP problems or concerns?
E-mail Sue of problems or concerns about the VIP program

Where can the New Rules & Regulations be found?
The ISBE Rules can be found on the ISBE web site.

You should also check the ISBE Special Education web page. It is a very good resource.

The Special Education Regulations/Legislation page contains the links for part 226 & part 401 of Illinois Board Rules as well as other links pertaining to special education rules.

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